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Arcade Classics Prototype
this page contains all you didn't know about this prototype and more besides...

last update July 14, 2006
last update : created the page

stuff i own relating to Arcade Classics:

- One complete full-size upright machine, made at Atari Games Ireland LTD.



Arcade Classics was made by Atari Games in Prototype form in 1992, it is believed that seven or eight machines may have been produced overall. This was for the purposes of field testing, once they had seen how the game performed on test sites they decided wether to run full production on it. This game unfortunately didn't take enough money to warrant a full production run. With prototypes you usually have a patched up pcb, and hand-made marquee/control panel overlay as this machine does. The sideart does look fairly well finished, but it doesn't have the glossy surface of normal sideart stickers, and has printed targets from the screening process, so i'd guess it wasn't intended as the finished article.

Three or four? other machines (of sorts) are known to exist in the US, almost definately made at the California factory. The machine I have was made in Ireland, the PCB and sideart probably having been sent over from the states, and the wooden carcasse made in Ireland. Not sure about the marquee and control panel artwork, they are both hand-made, but the marquee matches one of the machines stateside (which incidentally doesn't have a CPO). They could have been made in Ireland or California, who knows.

This machine has an asset number tag inside the coin door, stating property of Atari Games Ireland. The previous owners said that it should have gone back with the 'other test machines' they once had, but it didn't get sent and they kept it in their warehouse as it was the most popular game amongst the staff. (its a long story :)


These pictures were taken before I even had a chance to clean the thing.

(none were produced to my knowledge)


Here is what the KLOV says :



CPU : Motorola 68000



PCB modifications:
My pcb has lots of patch wires, the LETA input chip is installed in 3 sockets stacked up, with a bunch of its pins wired together. There is a jumper switch soldered onto a chip near the front, installing the jumper makes the game go into test mode.

PCB revision notes :

PCB identifying markings :

OTHER MACHINES and WEB LINKS: This page is from the owner of the other 3 machines.
My machine appears to have a unique control panel and screen bezel instruction card from any of the others that Scott has that can be seen above...

This machine is pictured on KLOV I'm not sure if its one of Scotts games or not, it can also be seen here:: here is what mameworld says about it.


Production Staff :

Project Leader :
Kelly Turner
Programmers :

Norm Aveler
Kelly Turner
Matt Setzer

Engineer :
Brian McKee
Animators :
Rhiz Bugawan
Patrice Moriarity
Ron Seawright
Technician :
Glenn McNamara
Audio :
Don Diekneite
Product Manager :
Linda Benzler
Team Leader :
John Ray
Artist :
Kris Moser
Special Thanks :
Rich Moore
Mary Fujihara
Peter Lipson
Stu Shepard
Original Work (Centipede) :
Ed Logg
Donna Bailey
Original Work
(Missile Command) :
Dave Theurer
Rich Adam


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