'andys-arcade' started off on eBay in 1997, and has continued to deal
in old computer games and video arcade items as and when...
Feedback is all important, so check out what others think of the service i provide.

I started collecting full-size video arcade games back in 1997, and always had an interest to learn just how these things work.
Years later, i am now versed in a wide variety of electronic fault finding and problem solving situations.

In may of 2001 I attended a week-long classic orientated 'Randy Fromm Arcade School' course held at 'Funspot' in
Weirs Beach NH, USA, Randy Fromm is a well respected wonder technician who has been running
coin-operated videogame repair courses since the very early eighties.

I also used to write for the Antique Amusement Magazine as writer/editor of the 'Videodrome'
section covering old video arcade games, sadly the magazine has now gone into hibernation for
the forseeable future, but i did manage a whopping 22 issues in that time.

I have worked with numerous TV and radio companies in the past, on prime time terrestrial channels
as well as smaller independant cable channels. I have also been interviewed in Newspapers
and magazines, mainstream and independants, foreign and domestic alike.

One of the most fun times I have had was when i worked on the 'Game On' Exhibition on the cultural significance of
Video games
which was exhibiting at the Barbican Art Gallery in central London between May and September of 2002.
I sourced and supplied all of the video arcade machines used in the exhibition, as well as assembling
the other exhibits and sourcing of other items for the show.

The Exhibition has already visited :
Edinburgh , Liverpool, Holland, Finland, France, Israel, Chicago (twice) and San Jose.
The show is currently in Seattle, WA (USA). Best of all, it returns to Blighty in December 2006
where it will be at the Science Museum in London! Expect that one to be a big event!

Don't just take my word for it, search GOOGLE for 'Andy Welburn' and see what you get :-)


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